Features At-A-Glance

General Features:
  • Fully developed CSS/Ajax comments
  • Conforms to all javascript standards, and works in all browsers
  • Integrated with Akismet for the best spam prevention available
  • In-house developed sophisticated captcha system
  • Very fast and efficient
  • RSS Feeds
  • Network wide account spread (1 account works on any site)
User Features:
  • Create, Quote, Edit or Report Comments
  • Read new comments via RSS feeds
  • Comments are posted instantly via Ajax
  • Ability to expand and collapse comment box when needed
Admin Features:
  • View, Edit, Delete Reported comments by other users along with email notifications
  • Ability to turn off Guest posting, ensuring visitors register for an account before posting
  • Ability to turn on comment moderation, approve or delete comments before publicly posted
  • View all threads that were created and their respective comments
  • Ban users based on username or IP address
Comment Box: The Comment Box Itself

Publisher Panel: Main page with all the options to moderate users and comments

  Page where publishers get their HTML code

  Publishers customize their comment boxes here to match their websites perfectly
  Publisher account settings

With all of these features and even more to come, why not create an account now?

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