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"If you are looking to add a comment system to something that doesn't bundle comments already, this is a simple solution." - Ajaxian

"The Instacomment system is very straightforward with little or no complicated commands or a website? You like to make it more "web 2.0" looking? An easy way to do that is sign up for a commenting system at" - Tech Journal

"Instacomment brings rich interaction to your website; it creates the possibility of open discussion and feedback, which can be invaluable. The fact that Instacomment is easy to set up and use makes it great for the not so tech savvy." - KillerStartups

"It took about 10 seconds to setup, and seems to do what it promised quite well...for a quick commenting engine that doesn't require any server-side knowhow, Instacomment is a good option." - 3greeneggs

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